A full range of automations,
even in practical kits.

Opening systems for gates, garage doors, rolling shutters, blinds and automatic sliding and swing doors. Aprimatic offers a range for each type of product, designed to solve all the needs of the end user and to simplify the work of the installer thanks to the famous all-in-one kits.

Aprimatic’s numbers

A true champion is distinguished by his records. No manufacturer of automation for gates and doors comes close to matching Aprimatic’s achievements.

Listed Codes
Kit all-in-one
Selling points in Italy
Years of experience


Assistance network
More than 40 technical service centres throughout Italy.
Business organization
The sales network is widely distributed throughout the country and responds in real time to any questions or installation needs.
Customer care
Available to companies and installers to provide all needed support.
Range composition
Aprimatic guarantees a full range to ensure complete satisfaction.
A world of services and information. Special on-line services designed for the end customer and the installer.
Presentations of new developments, courses on new systems and products, professional and regulatory refresher seminars.

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