Sliding gate kit. Residential use for wings up to 600 kg. Condominium use for wings up to 400 kg.


Complies with the current safety standards as regards to obstacle detection and inversion of movement in accordance with EN12453 and EN12445 (product certified under ideal installation conditions). The electronic torque adjustment combined with encoder technology guarantees a gradual approach during opening and closing movements.

Continuity of operation guaranteed, in the event of a power supply failure, by a set of optional batteries which may be fitted in the operator casing.


Sturdy and reliable thanks to the die-cast aluminium casing.


Worm screw gear motor with aluminium body and on-board electronic control unit. Equipped with adjustable-height foundation plate.


Emergency release lever with customised key, for use during power supply failures.

41102/001 ONDA 624 gear motor with dedicated on-board electronic control unit, 433.92 MHz builtin superheterodyne radio receiver, release key and foundation kit 1
41905/004 TM4 - 433.92 MHz four-channel transmitter 1
41929/003 KIT antenna 433.92 MHz for ET2N-ET20N 1
41840/006 ET2N 24V Led flashing light 1
41812/008 ER 12-24V Pair of photocells 1
41830/007 PC12E Wall-mounted key-operated switch 1
Aprimatic signal panel 1